The Brisket Belt

Being a southern Jew, it is mandated that I eat brisket. Though I may be a bit confused about the origins of brisket -- Did it originate in a Jewish schtetl in Eastern Europe 200 years ago or in that defunct BBQ shack on the way to the Florida panhandle? -- one thing is for sure, brisket is delicious. Accordingly brisket is also the perfect symbol to encapsulate both my southern and Jewish heritage, which is why I came up with the name The Brisket Belt for a touring stand up comedy series I'm producing with fellow comedian David "HT" Rosen.  

Our first show kicks off on Saturday, December 16th 8pm at Highland Inn Ballroom and Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia.  You can get tickets at Read up on details about it in this Atlanta Jewish Times article:

We'll also be traveling to Tallahassee, Florida, my own hometown Birmingham, Alabama and making our way up to New York where HT grew up.  Stay tuned for details!

Time to Binge


Whether chocolate, Netflix, or Pamplemousse LaCroix, we all have vices we love to consume en masse. Now you can binge listen to all 13 episodes of the Sis & Tell Podcast Season 1. We're taking a break to relaunch and will start Season 2 this Fall.

In the meantime, you can reminisce with a sis. And yes, I do drink so much LaCroix that my pee is carbonated. 

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Sis & Tell is a weekly podcast hosted by sisters Alison Goldstein Lebovitz from PBS' The A List and comedian Amanda Goldstein Marks.

A Neighborhood Facebook Feud and Randi Zuckerberg

On this week's Sis & Tell podcast, my sister Alison and I discuss our "dot complicated" lives from a neighborhood Facebook feud to Alison speaking with serial entrepreneur Randi Zuckerberg about Sue's Tech Kitchen. Links and listen at

Sis & Tell is a weekly podcast hosted by sisters Alison Goldstein Lebovitz from PBS' The A List and comedian Amanda Goldstein Marks.

"I'm not a doctor, but I play one on the Internet"

The next installment of the Sis & Tell Podcast is here! Visit for all 11 episodes or listen to the latest here.

In episode 11, Alison does her best Dr. Oz impersonation as she helps diagnose and remedy a new era of ailments for her sister Amanda.

Sis & Tell is a weekly podcast hosted by sisters Alison Goldstein Lebovitz (from PBS' The A List) and comedian Amanda Goldstein Marks.

Sis & Tell Podcast

I've launched the Sis & Tell weekly podcast with my sister Alison Goldstein Lebovitz (host of PBS' The A List). We are at the tale end of season 1, so catch up when you can by visiting or subscribing to the RSS feed via iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play. 

It's kind of like S-Town except there's no murder, it's funny, and we no longer live in Alabama. So besides that it's exactly like S-Town.  

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The Four Gifts to Avoid Giving This Season

Mom Cam in the Minivan brings a DO NOT Gift Guide for the holiday season...Because sometimes as parents and gift givers we need to know what to avoid. Learn from my mistakes -- here are four gifts you should avoid giving on the holidays.

You Were a Weird Child of the 80's When...

Spoiler Alert: I'm the weird child

Me at my brother's Bar Mitzvah

Me at my brother's Bar Mitzvah

You considered Pee-wee Herman a teen heartthrob. 

You sent ALF fan mail.

You thought everyone else had a foil ball collection just like Pee-wee Herman...and you.

Your game of house got really heated when you found out your best friend's pretend dad worked for Crest and yours worked for Colgate.

Your game of house got really heated when you found out your best friend's pretend boyfriend was Pee-wee Herman, when he was already your pretend husband.

The outfit you wore for our brother's bar mitzvah was Pee-wee chique.

You wrote a list about being a weird child of the 80s and most of it was about Pee-wee Herman.


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Mom Cam in the Minivan

There was once a time when I live-streamed a series called Mom Cam in the Minivan. In its glory day, I had 5 viewers simultaneously. Okay, maybe it was more like 4. And one was my husband, who watched only because he feared for my life. Everything turned out okay. I kept my hands on '10' and '2' and most importantly ensured the light reflecting from the sun visor was flattering.

As the live stream episodes are feathers to the wind, I decided to start recording them. Welcome to Season 2 of Mom Cam in the Minivan. This time it has some permanence to it, because ya know... YouTube. Enjoy Episode 14, just don't ask about the other thirteen.

How to Get Him to Say "I Love You" First

I have been boy crazy since I knew what a boy was.

I chased them around classrooms. I attempted unwanted kisses. I asked them to go with me. I told them I liked them. Sometimes boys liked me back. But it seemed most didn't.

In high school and college, all my close friends had boyfriends that were mutually in love with them. Sophomore year, my siblings both got married to their significant others. It seemed everyone had someone except me.

I became obsessed with love and with the idea that it was all about timing -- being able to meet the right person at the right moment in space, in life at the moment you're both there and ready was an impossibility. 

I spent too much time overthinking where I was at the moment and tiny decisions I was making. Like, what if I got on the first car on the T and the guy I'm supposed to be with is on the 3rd car.

I also spent too much time thinking no one would ever fall in love with me. Not because I didn't deserve love, but maybe that was just my lot in life: To be alone and to never know what it felt like to be loved back.

Right after college graduation, I met him. The one. Everything was mutual. Everything was perfectly timed. (The story of how we met is epic and our fates were sealed in the 1930s. Literally, a story for another time.)

I knew when I met him that eventually we'd fall in love. I also knew that I was not going to say it first. I deserved, after years of chasing, to be chased, and for me to hear it first. He needed to take the risk. But I didn't want saying "I love you" to be risky for him. I wanted him to feel safe in that if he said it first that he'd know I'd say it back.

So I began saying to him everything that meant "I love you" except I love you itself. Things like: You're important to me. I love being with you. I'd be happy staring at a blank wall, as long as I was with you.

We'd fall asleep holding hands.

One morning, we woke up and my head was on his chest. I could feel and hear his heart beating like a metronome gone awry. So I asked, "Why is your heart beating so fast?"

"I love you," he said.

"I love you," I said back.

Together for 16 years, married for almost 14, two guinea pigs, one dog, five Betta fish and three kids later, I'm still happy staring at a blank wall as long as I'm with him.