The Four Gifts to Avoid Giving This Season

Mom Cam in the Minivan brings a DO NOT Gift Guide for the holiday season...Because sometimes as parents and gift givers we need to know what to avoid. Learn from my mistakes -- here are four gifts you should avoid giving on the holidays.

The Walking Dads

As talking and TV are two of my true loves, it seems natural to pursue a career as a talk show host.  But no one seems to be casting a 30 something Jewish girl from Alabama who is obsessed with the Beastie Boys, kale chips and red lipstick. Accordingly, I've taken matters into my own hands in exploring what I want to be when I grow up and created my own web-series -- The Walking Dads. Check out episodes 57 and 58 to learn some fantastic parenting and marital tips on surviving your family during the zombie apocalypse.  Because, ya know, it could happen.