The Brisket Belt

Being a southern Jew, it is mandated that I eat brisket. Though I may be a bit confused about the origins of brisket -- Did it originate in a Jewish schtetl in Eastern Europe 200 years ago or in that defunct BBQ shack on the way to the Florida panhandle? -- one thing is for sure, brisket is delicious. Accordingly brisket is also the perfect symbol to encapsulate both my southern and Jewish heritage, which is why I came up with the name The Brisket Belt for a touring stand up comedy series I'm producing with fellow comedian David "HT" Rosen.  

Our first show kicks off on Saturday, December 16th 8pm at Highland Inn Ballroom and Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia.  You can get tickets at Read up on details about it in this Atlanta Jewish Times article:

We'll also be traveling to Tallahassee, Florida, my own hometown Birmingham, Alabama and making our way up to New York where HT grew up.  Stay tuned for details!