You Were a Weird Child of the 80's When...

Spoiler Alert: I'm the weird child

Me at my brother's Bar Mitzvah

Me at my brother's Bar Mitzvah

You considered Pee-wee Herman a teen heartthrob. 

You sent ALF fan mail.

You thought everyone else had a foil ball collection just like Pee-wee Herman...and you.

Your game of house got really heated when you found out your best friend's pretend dad worked for Crest and yours worked for Colgate.

Your game of house got really heated when you found out your best friend's pretend boyfriend was Pee-wee Herman, when he was already your pretend husband.

The outfit you wore for our brother's bar mitzvah was Pee-wee chique.

You wrote a list about being a weird child of the 80s and most of it was about Pee-wee Herman.


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Pee-wee is the Mother of Invention

There are a few things I've been known for throughout my life: My Jew-fro, being a Beastie Boys fanatic and my ability to watch TV in bulk. But evidently, I have a group of childhood friends who'd add liking Pee-wee Herman to the mix. It was 1986, when Pee-wee's Playhouse premiered. The show was the impetus for my humor and a career in kids' television.  Almost 30 years later, it still remains one of my top ten favorite shows.

I was thrilled when Pee-wee's Playhouse became available on Netflix, so I could introduce it to my kids. And as I watched the pilot with them, I had a revelation just how before the times Paul Reuben was.  You often hear how science fiction inspired inventions, but Pee-wee should get credit for 'seen it here first.'  The following characters and Pee-wee moments perhaps also have a hand in inspiring the technology and terminology we use today.

Pee-Wee's Picture Phone ----> FaceTime 

Jambi ----> Siri or gay best friend

Magic Screen ----> iPads

Conky 2000 ----> Google 

Globey ----> GPS

The Puppets of Puppet Land  ----> Judgmental Hipster Friends

Cowntess ----> Organic Grass Fed Beef

Randy ----> Anti-bullying campaign

Miss Yvonne ----> The Modern Day Cougar (always pining for Pee-wee and the Latino hotties Ricardo and Tito)