Pee-wee is the Mother of Invention

There are a few things I've been known for throughout my life: My Jew-fro, being a Beastie Boys fanatic and my ability to watch TV in bulk. But evidently, I have a group of childhood friends who'd add liking Pee-wee Herman to the mix. It was 1986, when Pee-wee's Playhouse premiered. The show was the impetus for my humor and a career in kids' television.  Almost 30 years later, it still remains one of my top ten favorite shows.

I was thrilled when Pee-wee's Playhouse became available on Netflix, so I could introduce it to my kids. And as I watched the pilot with them, I had a revelation just how before the times Paul Reuben was.  You often hear how science fiction inspired inventions, but Pee-wee should get credit for 'seen it here first.'  The following characters and Pee-wee moments perhaps also have a hand in inspiring the technology and terminology we use today.

Pee-Wee's Picture Phone ----> FaceTime 

Jambi ----> Siri or gay best friend

Magic Screen ----> iPads

Conky 2000 ----> Google 

Globey ----> GPS

The Puppets of Puppet Land  ----> Judgmental Hipster Friends

Cowntess ----> Organic Grass Fed Beef

Randy ----> Anti-bullying campaign

Miss Yvonne ----> The Modern Day Cougar (always pining for Pee-wee and the Latino hotties Ricardo and Tito)