Top 8 Hanukkah Gifts for the Hipster Jew

As procrastination goes, this list of the Top 8 Hanukkah Gifts is hitting the inter tubes pretty late I know. But inspiration strikes when it does and I've been busy playing with my dreidel.  We all have special people in our lives: Spouses, best friends, the cashier at the package store.  But this list is dedicated for that Hipster Jew in your life. Ya know, that millennial cousin who's usually judging your parenting AND social media skills during Thanksgiving dinner -- that guy! So here's the list. I've checked it twice.

#1 The Hanukkah Sweater (A lovely variety at ModernTribe)

#2 The Dr. Dreidel (By Artist Hannah Rothstein)

#5 Take My Wife, Please! Henny Youngman's Giant Book of Jokes

#7 Dog Yarmulke and Tallis (For the future Bark Mitzvah)