Mason Jarring

Like most women in their mid-30's, I enjoy the Real Housewives (of any location), polishing of a bottle of wine and Pinterest. I've got all the important boards covered: the one on kale, home decor projects I'll never do and an entire board dedicated to "Things in Mason Jars" -- detailing everything from edible to adorable.  But here's my Pinterest secret, my big lie: The only reason I created a mason jars board is because it would be popular. Why? Women love shit in mason jars. We've been led to believe these pint size glass houses make everything look more delicious, delectable and desirable. But does it? So to answer this question, I've started a challenge... a challenge of one...where I've put shit in mason jars to see if it's more marvelous or just meh.  

This is the true story of five items picked to live in a mason jar to have themselves Pinned to find out what happens when Pinners stop being polite and start getting real... The Real Shit in Mason Jars.


1) A Mason Jar in a Mason Jar

This is like the next generation's Russian Nesting Dolls


2) Dog Food in a Mason Jar

My dog seemed way disappointed in my craftiness with his food. So I decided to put a candle in it.  But that didn't look right either. I added a bow.

3) My Retainer in a Mason Jar

Let's be honest. My retainer hasn't seen the inside of my mouth since the early 90s. I'm not quite sure why I've kept it this long, but perhaps that's related to my hoarding issues -- a story for another blog. But I do know that a mason jar is a much better way of retaining my retainer than the bottom of my Caboodle. 

4) The Marks' Family Duo of Lice Combs in a Mason Jar

Ah -- Club Head: The family vacation you never wanted to take. I was thinking of bronzing our lice combs as a keepsake for the kids, but perhaps just sticking them in a mason jar would be more cost efficient.

5) Expired Prescription Drugs in a Mason Jar

Okay. I know what you're thinking and please don't judge. I KNOW I'm long overdue to have a party with our old medicine, but let's get real. My bedtime is 8:30pm and there's only so much fun you can have with 800 mg of Ibuprofen. I've been meaning to throw these out, but isn't that bad for the environment? Instead I may just start putting old drugs in old mason jars and burying them in the backyard along with the dog's rawhide collection.


With my challenge complete, I think I've curated a wonderful array of unique ways of using our favorite little glass house. Whether you think marvelous or meh, only Pinterest can judge if I'm a winner. Will these gems make their way on someone's Mason Jar board? Check back in to find out. But please repin something of mine on Pinterest first. You'll make me feel good about myself.