Get Your Grill On: My First 'How To' Blog

First it was the passing of our beloved Beta Fish, Dooky-doo, and now our grill has died.  Though my five year old is still sitting shiva for his pet by eating lox non-stop, the family quickly got over the death of our Weber. We had it for almost 13 years. It was a wedding present from my siblings who generously gave it to their youngest poor sibling (me) after I said "I'd like this grill."  I figured after years of my older brother and sister using me as their production assistant, intern and peon I felt it was ok to demand a very nice grill as back-pay.  

My father-in-law would say the lack of cleaning caused the death of our grill.  But I think our grill went down in flames after an incident with a duck. It was a fowl event.  I'm grateful that my training as a cold-zone volunteer fire fighter with the Decatur FD could finally come in handy. Plus it's given me the excuse to use this awesome pic of myself on the Mall of Amanda Blog.

Me. Hot flames. Hot pants. --------------------->

But this brings us to the now. To the present.  My first "How To" blog. My husband got a great deal on a new Weber Genesis via Amazon. I brag that I'm great at putting together anything from Ikea, so I'm like "yeah, I got this."  However, after 38 minutes I've finally completed just step 1 of 34 in the assembly of this wonderful "Genesis Weber." I'm starting to think it means the genesis of hell. Maybe you've come to me for how to help and now you're feeling just as helpless as I do.  But my tips are simply one step and easy to follow. You'll feel much better after my guidance.

How to Assemble Weber's Genesis Gas Grill

Step 1.  Don't.