Let's Get Baked Live

So you totally missed it. I live streamed an impromptu baking session using the new Meerkat App. Though I'm no longer a Live Stream virgin, I am still a novice so please be gentle with me as I work through the kinks.

What I learned: Content is always king. No one cared about watching me drive to the dog park or singing in the car. Though I prefer to improvise, it's important to at least have a little bit of a plan in place before live streaming content.  And of course most importantly a solid wifi connection. 

For my first (what I deem successful) Meerkat Live Stream, I chose baking a cake. And yes there was clothing underneath my cupcake apron. It wasn't that type of live stream. That will be next week.  Check it out below:

Side note: As Meerkat doesn't save your content to the cloud if you want to keep it you'll need to save to your camera roll and then upload to Vimeo or YouTube.