When I was five, there were many things I obsessed over: break dancing, charm bracelets, eventually having boobs like Dolly Parton's. Hey, it was the 80's. At least I had a Cabbage Patch Kid habit and not a cocaine one. But my ultimate obsession was Annie. There were characteristics in her I saw within myself -- her precociousness, her tenacity and of course, that Jewfro. 

With the new theatrical release of Annie out in theaters, I can't help but feel forlorn for the original Annie.  I'm also left pondering: Where is the real Annie now and what has she been up to?  Does she think of me? 

So like any good fan-girl, I hired a private investigator to search out and find #therealAnnie. Evidently, she's leading a quiet life in Atlanta.  Check out some pics he got!


Here's the real Annie walking her dog (what a good citizen cleaning up the dog poop as well... that Annie!)






Annie likes beer at Hop City, too, just like us!  (I'm betting she may have been hitting up Daddy Warbucks' liquor cabinet in those teen years though).







She was spotted recently working behind the counter at Grand Champion BBQ at The Krog Street Market too. 


The real Annie on The Atlanta BeltLine. She must live in   Midtown. Seriously, who wears  shoes like that to get their exercise on?

As the private investigator is still on the payroll, I'm hoping to get more pics of the real Annie. But if you happen to spot her anywhere, please send me the pics and location and I'll update the blog!